Herbarium ICON

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A special glassmaking technique enables us to imprint any flower in glass and conserve the image of nature as we know it. The magic happens when the molten glass is poured over dried flowers, herbs or small tree branches. That´s when the greenery turns into ashes but leave their distinct traces in the glass surface. Now you can preserve your very own family tree for generations to come with Herbarium - a tribute to nature. Are you ready for some light gardening?

Herbarium Round

Herbarium Round S

Herbarium S / Dia 737 x H 1636 mm + L

Herbarium Round M

Herbarium M / Dia 800 x H 1636 mm + L

Herbarium Round L

Herbarium L / Dia 1185 x H 1336 mm + L

Herbarium Oval

Herbarium Oval S

Herbarium S / L 843 x W 702 x H 1402 mm

Herbarium Oval M

Herbarium M / L 1283 W 717 x H 1402 mm

Herbarium Oval L

Herbarium L / L 1815 x W 711 X H 1402 mm

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