Dancing Leaves ICON

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Nature has always been difficult to grasp. Catch the wind, stop the rain, halt the setting sun – these are impossible feats. Glass enables us to balance between the movements of nature and state-of-the-art design. With Dancing Leaves, you can watch the eternal spin of flawless wind right in the comfort of your home. Are you ready to be blown away?

Dancing Leaves Round

Dancing Leaves Round L

Dia 1530 x H 1500 + L

Dancing Leaves Round M

Dia 1370 + H 1500 + L

Dancing Leaves Oval

Dancing Leaves Oval S

L 2000 x W 850 x H 1800 mm

Dancing Leaves Oval L

L 300 x W 1250 x H 1200 mm

Dancing Leaves Oval M

L 2400 x W 1400 x H 1380 mm

Dancing Leaves Cone

Dancing Leaves Cone S

Dia 900 x H 1200 MM + L

Dancing Leaves Cone M

Dia 1500 x H 1500 mm + L

Dancing Leaves Cone L

Dia 1700 x H 1290 mm + L

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